Simple Point and Click

Quickly text vehicle updates to your customers via an easy-to-use dashboard with a click of a button!

Build Customer Trust

autotext.me promotes trust between you and your customer. They appreciate the timely communication and the fact that they know what stage their vehicle is in at any given point throughout the repair process with a simple text message notification.



Have a Conversation with your Customer

autotext.me allows you to text your customer, and your customer to text you back, and it records the conversation. autotext.me is a full text messaging service for communication.

and more...

Save Money

autotext.me solves the problem of wasted rack time and saves you money because people quickly read text messages! Everyone is starting to send text message alerts: your bank, pharmacist and airlines.

Stay Informed and Save Time

autotext.me enables you to better manage your workflow AND your customer to better manage their day... and appreciate you for it! Text message alerts are simple and effective.


autotext.me is accessed through a web browser. There is nothing to download or update! All software is backed up, and maintained remotely.

Other Choices

There are alternatives out there: Google Voice, Autovitals (shopflow), Bolt On Technology, and even your cell phone. We believe once you use autotext.me to text your customers you will see the value it provides.


  • At our store, this text message notification system has almost replaced an employee; so needless to say, we can get more work done and operate in a more professional manner. - Mark M. (owner at Tires First)

  • ...The text notification system is extremely functional and has added numerous features. I am completely sold on the system and the new management reports... - Ken S. (owner at Horizon Auto Center)

  • So convenient how you text me to call the shop rather than interrupt me during my work day. I can call you back when I am ready. Text alerts are a huge time saver! - Alan T. (customer)